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The customer, our biggest commitment

The innovative vision of our company allows us to be up to date and to offer our clients only the most effective and appropriate solutions.


Our approach is customer oriented. Our first goal has always been to meet the customer’s needs  in the best possible way. How do we succeed? Thanks to our strengths:




“Fertrans” has been created to meet the needs of a wide variety of sectors, such as transportation of household appliances and various types of components. However, the heart of our activities is focused on steel transportation and transnational waste transport.

Take a look at our gallery

Take a look at our gallery

Waste transportation: our operational core

Guided by the global vision of environmental issues, we provide cross-border waste - hazardous, non-hazardous and ADR services every day using vehicles operated by competent personnel. Each of our vehicles is specifically authorized to perform this type of activity and is subject to rigorous controls to meet the most demanding maintenance criteria.


The waste we deal with:

Solid Waste

Bulk Waste

Animal Waste (SOA)

We are Italy’s number one carrier in the transportation of waste. We have achieved this priority thanks to the continued dedication of each person of our staff, but also to the number of vehicles, used for this activity as well as our international routes.

Vehicles used for the transportation of waste

“Fertrans” has its own specialized, safe and modern waste transportation equipment. Among the means used are:

Walking floor

Vehicles valued primarily for their flexibility in use. They are able to carry up to 93 m3 of bulk material and also palletized goods. Loading and unloading activities are simplified as they can also be carried out indoors, thanks to a horizontal loading system or a movable floor equipped with 6M kg.

Tipper semi-trailers with back dumping

Vehicles carrying a maximum of 60 cubic meters. They are provided with electric movement and a square cargo area with thicker and higher edges. Electrical detection system.

Tipper semi-trailers with side dumping

They carry up to a maximum of 45 cubic meters. They are equipped with an electrical detection system and double-sloping unloading thanks to hydraulic cylinders under the load compartment.


Steel transport: when hard work pays off

A profound knowledge of the transport market is the reason why “Fertrans” has become an important carrier in the steel sector. The desire to specialize in such an important sector was a constant commitment for the company, which was subsequently fully rewarded by the trust of our customers: steel transport accounts for 25% of Fertrans' turnover.

Reliability - the communal thread of all our services.

We offer our clients the best by using all our experience and professionalism, regardless of the requested service. Contacting “Fertrans” therefore means choosing the competence and reliability of a company that is always ready to face exciting challenges.

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