Intestazione flotta Fertrans

Diverse Fleet and highly qualified team

We have a large fleet of vehicles, ranging from semi-trailers with three-sided blinds to rolling stock.  Moreover - a wide range of specific equipment has been added to our vehicles. The large number of vehicles allows us to maintain a wide presence throughout Europe, thus guaranteeing efficient and uninterrupted service.


The Fertrans fleet is fully equipped with upper detection and coverage, and consists of:

  • three-sided blind trailer for standard transport of 93 cubic meters. with or without sliding walls
  • ribbed semi-trailers for transporting industrial products up to 15 m in length
  • trailer three-sided blind with covers
  • flat semi-trailers with three-sided blind for carcasses
  • open semi-trailers with side covers and a tuner for rolls
  • refrigerated semi-trailers with double-deck cargo floor and food permit


The large availability of tools and resources allows us to respond to the specific needs of our customers in an optimal way, offering only targeted answers in accordance with the agreed goals.


Our vehicles meet the highest safety standards thanks to the availability of hydraulic and magnetic delay and coverage of the insurance policy up to EUR 250,000 with the option of expanding at the request of the customer. In addition, all our semi-trailers are TUV certified.

The vehicles available would have been only numbers if there wasn’t for the competent operators’ team. “Fertrans” relies on the cooperation of high-level operators, by selecting only the best personnel on the transportation market.

Take a look at our gallery

Take a look at our gallery

Your business has been transported safely

Thanks to our modern vehicles and the reliability of our employees, your business travels on the roads of Europe safely. What we guarantee every day is safe transport on every mile.

How do we do it?

As a company that pays attention to innovation, we turn to new technologies.            Thanks to the installation of a reliable satellite system, we are able to garantuee a real-time individual control from the operation center to every vehicle on the road, also from our customers.

The system is able to geolocalize and monitor the movements and positions of each vehicle 24/24 and 7/7 for optimum safety.

It all starts with the human resources

Attention to the units that work with us every day is essential. More than 500 qualified employees are the most important resource for our company. We are convinced that the best results are achieved in a team. For this reason, we make their professionalism one of the most important strengths of our company.

Daily work, continuous training

The best way to stay competitive is to keep up with every-day changes and always be ready to answer customer’s questions. That is why our employees are regularly trained on the topics in our sector in order to become more and more competent and reliable.

Еthical and responsible transport

As a Group, we believe that commitment to our customers, our employees and the environment should be the main premises that motivate our work. Keeping our promise of responsibility is a daily task for us. Therefore, obtaining certificates that testify to our code of ethics and responsible transportation, the result of daily diligence and work, is a source of great gratification for us

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