The trailers are of various types:
all of our trailers are equipped with roof cover/uncover;
standard taultliner 93 m3 with/without sliding walls;
taultliner for transport of industrial parts up to 15 meters long;
taultiner with hinged shutter;
platform pianalato and tilt semitrailer for logs transport;
uncovered tipper trailer with hinged shutter and buca colis;
all our semitrailers haveTUV certification;
refridgerator semi-trailers with double deck, suitable for the transport of foodstuffs;


A reliability guaranteed offered by our working system that is according withISO 9001:2008 with certification N ° 00676/00 issued by IAS Register of Chiasso (CH).
Fertrans also has the license for the transportation of recyclable waste class 2.

Speed and Punctuality

We are able to assure:
urgent deliveries in 24/36 hours and continuous service with double crew.
With daily departures along our main roads which are:
to the
west: Portugal, Spain and France,
to the east: Romania and Bulgaria.
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All our trucks are conform with the highest safety standards being equipped with hydraulic and magnetic retarder.
They are also equipped with satellite system that allows you and, even to the customer to monitor in real time every movement and position.
We have a CMR insurance policy up to the amount € 250.000 per event, with an extensible value at the customer request.


Our competence in international transport has matured from a long history that began in 1953 to this day, a profession passed down through generations, able to meet customer needs by running full loads overland transport for Europe.


Abbiamo una polizza assicurativa CMR fino all’importo di € 250.000 per evento, estensibile di valore a richiesta del cliente.
Tutti i nostri trattori sono conformi ai più alti stan- dard di sicurezza essendo equipaggiati con rallentatore idraulico e magnetico, alcuni dotati di si- stema di frenata assistita EBA e tutti con sistema satellitare, che consente di monitorare in tempo reale ogni spostamento e posizione, anche da parte del cliente.


Oggi FERTRANS srl è una Società con 300 dipendenti qualificati in grado di garantire consegne urgenti in 24/36 ore in Europa, per 365 giorni l’anno e fornendo anche servizi con doppi autisti continuativi.